Thursday, June 05, 2014


I was in class the other day.  A couple asked us to pray.  They had made an important decision, and they asked us to pray that it had been the right one.  They were agonizing over it; the wife of the couple had spent a night in tears about it - worrying about it.

The person leading the class said that of course we would pray, and that he hoped they had prayed before they made the decision.

I believe that the worry and tears and anguish are a form of prayer.  I believe they were praying before the decision.  And I certainly believe that God was listening.

I guess my question is two-fold.

Unless we intentionally ask God for guidance are we intentionally listening to God's guidance? I'm certain we are in communication with God - that God is listening and hearing - but are we, unless we make an effort to do so?

And I wonder if God guides us even if we are not listening.  Is the spirit in us gently leading us in the way to go even if we are not in "formal" prayer?

Pray without ceasing.



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