Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You Know How When...

Last week I attended a conference.   The keynote speaker told us to use more stories in the work that we do.  That's not a new idea for me - we use stories all the time in the work we do at the Foundation.  It's so easy to see the presence of God working through the stories of people's lives.

This morning, thinking about her talk, I wondered if one of her prompts could also be used in our ever challenging call to tell of God's good news.  The speaker suggested that we tell people what we do by starting with the phrase, "You know how when?"

An example from the work I do:  "You know how when a person has a call from God to help fund ministry but doesn't have the means to do it?  I help that person to find a way through his situation so that he can answer that call."

So, what about telling God's story?

You know how when you think God is calling you to do something, but you aren't sure what it is?  I was in that situation, and God helped me to discover what I was to do.

You know how when you see a person, sitting alone in church, and you aren't sure what to do?  God gave me the words to say and the courage to say them.

You know how when you have a need to contribute, but you aren't sure how to do it?  God has given me the opportunities to use the gifts he has given to me, and my life is so very much enriched.

You know how when you wish you had someone to talk to about spiritual issues?  God has placed friends in my path who share that need to grow spiritually.  They are a joy.

So, what is your "you know how when?"  Think about it, and then share it.

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