Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Love is an open door

Have you seen the movie "Frozen"?  It's a great movie.  Go see it, or I guess by now I should say, "Go rent it."  It's a great story.  Even though it's animated, don't wait around for a young person to give you an excuse.  Just watch it.

One of the songs in the movie is called Love is an Open Door.  I really like the song.  I don't want to write any spoilers, but there are reasons that at the end of the movie that you might NOT like the song. Even so, I love the idea of the song.  Love is an open door.

Think about the United Methodist statement of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors (I never get them in the right order, so excuse that).  What are they really saying?  I think it is the same -- Love is an open door.

Love opens our hearts, it opens our minds and it should open our doors.  Doors become automatically open when love comes in.  We open the doors to let people in, and we open the doors so that we can go out. Love opens the doors.

Has love opened the doors of your church?  Of your home?  Of your heart and mind?  What doors still need to be opened?  

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