Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Living into Spring

Two weekends ago, my two sons had overlapping spring break time, so we traveled together to Columbus for a spring break trip. As I was packing I had this overwhelming urge to leave winter clothes behind.  I packed bright colors, spring shoes and nothing heavy or wintery.  At the last minute, as a nod to reality, I grabbed a coat.

As it turns out, winter is not done with us yet. It didn't snow in Columbus, but it was COLD. And windy.  Even so, I still wore my spring colors - while winter may not be done with us, I am done with winter.

Driving today, I wondered if there is an analogy in that story to our relationship to God's kingdom. We have an incredible urge to live in God's kingdom - to live in a world transformed by the love of God.  We don't live there, but perhaps we state our desire for the coming kingdom by wearing the clothes of God - by sharing God's light and love - by stating categorically that we are finished with life without God, and leaning into - living into - the kingdom.

Even in the snow, we wear our spring shoes and bright colors.

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