Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Spirit of Love

This morning, I read:
The spirit of love says: "Don't be afraid to let go of your need to control your own life.  let me fulfill the true desire of your heart."  Henri Nouwen (Here and Now)
Are you one of those people, like me, who wants to be in control?  Is it hard for you (like me) to let go of steering the ship, to allow anyone else (even God) to guide what is happening or where you are going?

Why are we afraid to give up control to God?  Nouwen says,
"Maybe we still distrust the Sprint, afraid to be led to places where our freedom is taken away.  Maybe we still think of God's Spirit as an enemy who wants something of us that is not good for us."
Are we like that?  Are we afraid that we will be led where what happens to us is not good for us?  Are we afraid we will be the sacrifice to make the "big plan" come together?  Are we afraid that God does not love us?  Are you afraid that God does not love you?

God loves you.  If you had been the only person to be saved by the death of God's son, Jesus would have died, just for you.  You are worthy and sacred, and God loves you.  He cares for you, and he will only lead you to goodness.



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