Friday, December 20, 2013

St. Nicholas, Part 2

To continue the discussion from yesterday about St. Nicholas...  First, I found this painting, which I share today instead of an image.

To learn more about the painting, click this link. 

The artist is Gentile da Fabriano, and the painting is the Dowry of Three Virgins. Remember the story from yesterday?  This is his artistic interpretation of the story, painted about 1425.

Continuing my thoughts about St. Nicholas....

Did you know circumstances suggest that he was one of those present at the Council of Nicea, and perhaps one of the the signers of the Nicene Creed (per Hobbs)?  This statement of doctrine has shaped the faith of billions of people over the years.  Through the work that was done to shape this Statement of Faith, we have come to understand the idea of the Trinity.

I love the idea that Bishop Nicholas of Myra, said, in effect, "This is what I believe.  Here is my faith."

Then, he took his beliefs and lived them out in generosity.  What he believed about Christ shaped how he lived his life.  We should follow that example.

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