Monday, December 30, 2013

Design and Intention

If you have a chance, go watch this video.  It's about Apple -- design and intention.

After you watch it, think about these questions:

  1. When we craft ministry, do we start with our intention?  Do we outline the purpose of what we are doing?  
  2. What about God do we want people to know after the experience of the ministry?  Will something about God be revealed?  Will something about the person be discovered?  Will the person grow closer to God? Will calls be answered through what we are doing?  Would Jesus take part in the ministry we design?
  3. Do we craft around our intention?  Does the intention serve as motivation for what we are doing?  Or are we just doing it?
  4. Do we confuse convenience with joy?  Do we confusion abundance with choice?
  5. Are we willing to invest time to create something worthwhile?
  6. Does the ministry we craft touch people?  Are their lives enhanced?  Does God reach people through what we do?
  7. Is God involved in our ministry?



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