Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christ Coming

During Advent, I'm reading a devotional book called "Lighten the Darkness: An Advent Journey through Hope" by Dena Douglas Hobbs.  A friend of mine who works in the the Kentucky Annual Conference recommended it on Facebook.   I'm reading the Kindle version.

Today the devotional was about being ready.  So often, I think, we read apocalyptic writing such as the story of the 10 bridesmaids, and the message we hear is this:  Christ is coming, and some of you won't be ready.  Is that the message?

Hobbs talking about a different message, and I think it is one we should hear today - right now - because it can make an immediate difference in our lives today.  Christ is coming today.  He is already here, trying to break into your day.  Are you watching?  Are you ready?  Are you going to miss him (like the people yesterday who have misplaced Jesus from their nativity scenes?) or will you notice Christ in your day.

What kind of difference will it make in the day, in the way you live these 24 hours, if you saw Christ?  Would your life be different?  Would the lives of the people around you be different because of how you are living?

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