Friday, December 13, 2013

Passover Freedom

This morning I read Luke 22:1-13.  In these paragraphs, Judas plots with the chief priests and the officers of the temple police to betray Jesus.  Following that is the paragraph about the preparation for the Passover meal, and Jesus' instructions concerning it.

The study Bible I read makes a point to emphasize that this meal is Passover, "with its emphasis on the exodus as liberation for the marginalized and oppressed..."  Remember when Passover was established in the book of Exodus, during the time when the Israelites were freed from the control of Pharaoh in Egypt.

I remember when I was taking the Bethel Teacher's class.  Chuck Echols (the minister who was teaching it) and the curriculum reminded us that Jesus came to the world when the time was right -- in God's time.  There has to be some link in the timing of the crucifixion for it to fall right at Passover.  This act of God frees his people, once again.  We are freed from the bondage of our sin. There is a line in the United Methodist Communion ritual that says, "free us for joyful obedience." It is at the end of a confession.  Through our communion with Christ, we are freed from our sins.

Considering that I read today from Luke, with his emphasis on the fact that salvation is for everyone, and that Christ came for the oppressed, it's no wonder that he makes it perfectly clear to us that this last meal will be Passover.

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