Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Room of the Holy

Also in Philip Gulley's sermon, he talked about the idea of a "room of the holy" inside each of us.  For example, the person who is alone, feeling lonely and abandoned, would find the presence of God and God's companionship in the room of the holy.  The person who has been abused and injured, would find loving kindness.  The pastor who is stretched beyond herself, would find peace.

He asked, "What would be in your own "room of the holy"?

From his examples, I would deduce that that space inside of us, where we encounter the Holy Spirit, would be a room where God provides what God knows we each, individually, need.

It reminds me of a Walk to Emmaus.  It's very difficult to explain to someone what happens on a Walk to Emmaus.  It's not that the agenda is secret -- it's that no one knows what God will provide.  I can easily explain what happens on a walk, but I cannot predict what God will do in the life of the pilgrim.

It's grace, isn't it?  God provides grace, whatever the need may be.  God knows what we need, and it is God's grace to provide it to us.  Our rooms of the holy are filled with God's grace.

And that's amazing.



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