Wednesday, October 09, 2013

One bread

Last Sunday was World Communion Sunday.  Every third year in Huntington, the Downtown Churches Association plans a World Communion Celebration in the streets.  We all start worship in our own buildings and then at about 11:30, we leave the building and join together for a shared celebration.

This year, as we stood in line to receive the elements, a little girl near me said to her mother, "Is this the same kind of bread that we have in our church?"

I didn't hear the mother's answer to her daughter; I was too busy trying to make sure I remembered the question to blog about it!

Yes, sweetheart, this is the same bread that is offered at communion in your church.  It might look different or taste different, but it is the same bread, the same body, offered by Christ to us.

It was a great question for World Communion Sunday, and I hope that as we were all gathered as one Body of Christ, we were reminded that it is the same bread.

(...even thought there is a grape juice line and a wine line, it's the same blood, too....)



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