Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will we be grace?

I was reading a devotional this morning based on Psalm 77.  The writer talked about how there are times when we need encouragement, comfort or support.  It is not a weakness to "cry aloud to God" when we need to do so.  What is sometimes trickier is to be open for the help when it arrives.  Are we open to the help that God sends, whether it is in the words of a friend, the actions of neighbor or the support of a stranger?

And how can we be that help?  Are we open to being used by God as encouragement for others?  Will we say yes to putting feet and hands to our prayers for others?  Will we provide support for the stranger?

Are we prepared enough to be that support when we don't even know that is what we are doing?

Will we be grace?

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