Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something Frightening

I was in a meeting today listening to a pastor from Dallas talk about his start up church.  It's called Union Coffee House.  You can go to this website (uniondallas.net) to learn more about it.

He said starting a church like this was frightening.  it has never been done before.  It's so new that the Annual Conference can't assign him a coach because no one is prepared to offer him advice -- there is no tried and true advice.  Every decision he makes has to be his best guess - and they are critical  ministry decisions. Every plan is for something new. It's frightening and exciting.  You can tell he is passionate about it.

I think about ministry, and I wonder when the last time was that decisions were frightening because there was no precedent.  Are we inventing new ways to reach people?  Are we relying on what has been done previously to reach people, remembering that what has been done previously hasn't actually reached new people?  If it had, they wouldn't be the unreached.

Do we need to go out on a limb?  Do something unprecedented?  Do something frightening?

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