Friday, April 05, 2013

Hit and Run

Image from Smoky Mountain National Park
I was watching NCIS the other day.  Gibbs was talking to Abby; she was concerned she wasn't "good enough."  Gibbs told her that she wasn't taking into account her "hit and runs" -- the good kind.

A hit and run is when you do something good for someone and you don't even know it.  The consequences of your good act are not evident to you, or perhaps even to the recipient at the time it happens -- a hit and run.

There are times when we are gifted to know the outcome of the work we do for God -- times when the "good" of it is evident to us.  There are other times when we don't see the good, and we may not even realize that we had followed God's will in doing what we did.

The truth is, I think, that we aren't actually called to "be good."  We're called to be the light of God.  Good happens because we shine, but the light isn't always for us to see. 

Shining involves trust.



Blogger birdwatcher said...

I like that thought - that the results (light for another) may not be evident to us. Thanks

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