Thursday, April 04, 2013

God of Power

Israel saw the great work that the Lord did against the Egyptians.  So the people feared the Lord ad believed in the Lord and his servant Moses.  Exodus 14:31

This verse in the 14th chapter of Exodus is right after God parts the Red Sea for the Israelites to pass and then destroys the Egyptian Army by closing the sea.  I imagine, as the Israelites watched as dead Egyptians washed ashore, they absolutely did see the work of the Lord, and they were afraid.

There is a word play in this verse that one only sees in the Hebrew.  The words "to see" (ra'ah) and "to fear" (yare) sound very similar.  To see and to fear, leading to belief....

Does it remind anyone of Thomas, who had to see in order to believe?

My study Bible mentions that part of what the Israelites witnessed was God's power not just over the Egyptians, but over nature. God is more powerful than the sea (or the frogs or the flies, etc.) God is more powerful than chaos.

The Israelites aren't the only ones who have witnessed the power of God.  Do we see God at work?  Does it move us to fear (reverence) and belief?  What do we do about it? Does belief change our actions?

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