Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Modern Prophecy

Inspired by Isaiah 11:6-9

The wolf shall live
with the lamb.
The homeless shall find a place to sleep,
the vulnerable shall be secure,
and no one will
know violence.
The bully, the nerd and the popular kid,
shall sit together,
and faith shall unite them.

The black man and the white man
shall share a meal,
share a city,
share a world,
without distrust or prejudice.

The woman shall stand for justice,
find her voice,
preach God's word,
without worry of being out of place.

The young child shall walk to school,
come home from school,
sleep in his own bed,
without fear of harm or pain.
He shall not experience hunger or humilation,
and he shall not cry out in desperate want,

No one shall hurt or destroy
on all of my Holy earth.
Everyone shall have full knowledge
of the Lord,
as waters cover the sea.

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