Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I am United Methodist

At Annual Conference, I was thinking about why I am glad I am a United Methodist.  Here's part of the list:

  • In this Church, my gifts from God are affirmed, even though I am female.  In this Church, I teach and I preach.  I sit on committees that deal with finances and personnel issues.  I am the Lay Leader of a local Church.  I am gifted for these ministries, and in this Church, my gender is not a barrier to the use of my gifts from God.
  • In this Church, everyone is welcome to the Communion table.  Everyone -- even those who are not United Methodists.  It is Christ's table, and he invites all.  None of us are worthy; all of use can come.
  • In this Church, there are no easy answers.  In this Church, we are encouraged to think for ourselves.  Thinking is not a barrier to faith.
  • In this Church, my children have learned a faith based on grace, not judgment.  In this Church, we have a faith that speaks of God walking before us, preparing the way with his gifts of grace.



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