Tuesday, March 15, 2011


God of grace, mercy and unspeakable power, draw close to your creation and hear the cry of your people. Surround the people of Japan with your grace during this time of crisis.

Rescue those who are trapped in buildings or on rooftops. Bring them to safety.

Comfort those who have lost family members and friends.

Listen to those who are crying in distress and sadness. Settle the touch of hope on them so that they can see light in the future.

Feed those who are hungry, quench the thirst of those who ache for water. Surround the homeless with the knowledge of your presence.

Heal those who have been injured, those whose spirits are aching, those who wounds are deeper than we can imagine.

Protect them from harm as aftershocks rock their homes, provide relief from fear for them.

Motivate us, dear God, to follow in your footsteps. Enable of to rescue, to comfort, to listen, to feed, to heal and to protect. We place ourselves in your service.

To give to the United Methodists Committee on Relief, click on the link.



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