Monday, January 03, 2011

Peter and the King, II

Continued from yesterday....

The king thought back to yesterday, to the great celebration his family had had, with more food than they could eat, and more gifts than they could open. Below him in the square was a man who probably had nothing, and was looking for a job, or for some food for his family. As I mentioned before, there is more than one kind of epiphany.
The king spun around, and yelled, “Peter!” He immediately regretted it, because the boy jumped, scattering his work. “Yes, sire?”

“Sorry. No, Peter, just leave them there. I want you to go gather some wine and some food, and a couple of blankets for me.”

“Oh, yes sir.” Peter shot toward the doorway. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry and cold? I’ll be right back.”

The king had to speak quickly to be heard before Peter made it out of the room. “No, son, not for me. It is for the man in the square. Have the cook pack it up for you, and bring it to me in the dooryard. I’m going to take it to the man we saw from the window.”

“What? Oh, no sir. You can’t do that. I’ll get some….”

"No, Peter, I’m going to do it. Hurry, now, and get everything together for me.”

“Yes, sire.” Peter walked away, obviously unhappy that the king was heading out in the cold weather.

Finally, after having convinced the cook and the housekeeper that he was following the king’s orders, Peter made it to the door of the castle, to find the king. The king was dressed to leave, and seemed impatient to be on his way.

“Thank you, Peter. I’ll take that.” The king reached for the pack the boy was carrying.

“Oh, no sire. If you are going, then so am I.”

“That’s not necessary, son. You stay here where it is warm, and I’ll be back in no time.”

“No, no, sir. The cook, and the housekeeper and the butler, and even my mother, sir, all made me promise that you would not go by yourself. Please, sir, don’t get me in trouble with my mother!”

The king sighed, reached up to a hook on the wall, and pulled an extra neck scarf down. He wrapped it around Peter, tucking it into his coat, and then picked up the pack. “Ok, then, here we go.”

The king opened the door, and led the way into the square, followed by the young boy. They made their way out of the village, and into the forest.
To be continued tomorrow.



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