Sunday, July 04, 2010

For One Great Peace

This thread I weave
This step I dance
This stone I carve
This ball I bounce
This nail I drive
This pearl I string
This flag I wave
This note I sing....
Have you ever been sitting in a Bible study class or in Sunday school when you are asked the question, "How do you dedicate the work you do to the purposes of God?" Or, "How can God use what you do for a living for His glory?" Do you sit and think, and wonder?

This pot I shape
This fire I light
This fence I leap
This bone I knit
This seed I nurse
This rift I mend
This child I raise
This earth I tend

We get confused, I think, believing that there are certain jobs that are "God's Work" and other jobs that are not. We think pastors or counselors or maybe nurses have the market cornered on nurturing care. We think that can't possibly be anything sacred about the work we do.

This check I write
This march I join
This faith I state
This truth I sign
this is small part,
in one small place,
of one heart's beat
for one great Peace.
The truth is, everything we do, everything we are, can be used for the Glory of God. If we realized that then what we do would be transformed into God's work.

We sang the above song this morning in Early Worship. I've never heard it before, but I like it a lot. Great words; great tune. It's called For One Great Peace, and it was written by Shirley Erena Murry with music by Jim Strathdee. (Number 2185 in The Faith We Sing).

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