Friday, July 02, 2010


The fifth day of our cruise, we stopped in Skagway. Skagway feels a lot like what I think a town in the Old West of the US would have been like. The sidewalks are wood, the fronts of the buildings look the clapboard buildings in Westerns. To me, it feels different than the other two Alaskan towns we visited.

The original name of Skagway was Skagua, which means Windy Place in Tlingit. It was the Gateway to the Yukon gold rush.

The population of Skagway (in 2008) was 892. There were at least 2 cruise ships a the dock when we were there, bringing almost 6000 people to town.

I found a yarn shop (!) in Skagway. Yippee. (Yarn shopping described on my other blog).

People have often asked us what the weather was like in Alaska. It was mainly beautiful -- sometimes cold, sometimes hot. When we were shopping in Skagway, it was HOT.

From Skagway, we took a ride on the White Pass Railroad -- I'll tell you about that next time.



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