Monday, June 28, 2010

God's Plan

I received an email a few days ago sharing disappointing family news (not my family -- the emailer's family). The news was followed with the phrase, "God has a plan." In my head, he was saying that what happened to his family was part of God's plan.

I object.

  • First of all, sometimes things happen just because -- I don't think everything that happens is part of a grand plan.
  • I think it sounds like God uses us as pawns in his grand scheme when we say things like that.
  • Are we supposed to just accept with thanksgiving disappointing news because it is part of "God's plan?"

What does it say to the person who is suffering if we tell them to on one hand blame God for what has happened to him/her and on the other hand rely on God to care for them? It is the opposite of comfort.

Why do we accuse God of terrible things just because we want to believe everything happens for a reason? Does a reason make it "better?"

God will not abandon us. He will suffer with us through the bad times. Ultimately, his will prevails, but sometimes it will be in spite of us, or around us, or even just without regard to the terrible things that happen.



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