Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I read more of Fearless today. The chapter I read was about the fear of insignificance -- of not mattering. Being invisible.

I understand it, and I imagine everyone experiences it at one time or another. One paragraph (or two) stopped me:

When the billionaire realizes that he will run out of years before he runs out of money, he establishes a foundation. No doubt some altruism motivates the move, but so does a hunger to matter.
Part of my job is helping those who are motivated to give financially to the ministry of the church. I have met with a man who established a scholarship because it was a way to honor his wife who had died under tragic circumstances. I have spoken with another man who wanted to create an endowment to aid three ministries he and his wife felt were close to his heart. Another woman is building an endowment for her church, year by year, because the ministry matters. Another man is giving a percentage of his retirement upon his death because tithing is part of his make-up -- a part of who he is.

I'm sure there are people who give because it helps them to feel that they matter, but the people I have met are answering a call from God. They are honoring those they have loved. They aren't giving because it will make a difference in how people will remember them, but because their giving will make a difference.

Image: Forget-me-not, the state flower of Alaska.



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