Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God Calls

Inspired by Isaiah 49:1-6

And God calls.

Listen to me.
Listen to me, even though you think you are in a distant land,
You are never far away from me.
Pay attention to what I am saying to you.
I know you.
I know what you need, what will satisfy you.
I have known you since I created you.
I have known you since I imagined you,
Before you were even born.
Listen to me.

I have given you words to speak of justice.
I have given you thoughts and visions,
Through me, you can change the world.
I hold you in the palm of my hand,
I have equipped you, changed you, recreated you.
I have kept you close so that when I need you
You will answer me.
And serve me to reach others.

So God called.

And I answered,
Nothing I do seems adequate to what you ask.
I have strength, but I am not strong enough.
You are all I have.
I’m trying to listen.
What are you calling me to do?

God called.

From the very beginning
I have formed you,
I created you, and love you.
I ask you to reach out to your neighbor,
To bring him back to me,
But more than that,
I’m calling you to be a light,
My light,
My grace
To everyone,
Not just those you know.
Not just the ones like you,
But to everyone.
So that my salvation shall reach the end of the earth.

God calls.

Image: Sunrise this morning.

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