Friday, June 26, 2009


All day long I've been hearing Michael Jackson's music. On the TV -- news stations, cable stations, local stations. It's on the computer and in the mall. And the Friday Five on RevGalBlogPals in inspired by his death.

  1. What sort of music did you listen to as a child - this would likely have been determined or influenced by your parents? Or perhaps your family wasn't musical...was the news the background? the radio? Singing around the piano? I can't remember what kind of music I listened to as a kid. I seem to remember it was an AM station. I can remember being 5 years old, lying in mom's bed (I must have had a nightmare or something -- she was already up, getting ready for work). The radio was on, and the Beatles song, "Let it Be" was playing.
  2. Going ahead to teenage years, is there a song that says "high school" (or whatever it might've been called where you lived) to you? I remember in Youth group that the Youth who was organizing the worship service on a camping trip centered worship around "Dust in the Wind." I didn't like it (not the song, really, but the idea of it).
  3. What is your favorite music for a lift on a down day? (hint: go to and type in a performer/composer...see what you come up with!) If I'm looking for music on a down day, I'm probably going to turn to The Message on Satellite radio or something contemporary on my iPod. I actually don't think I turn to music on a down day, though.
  4. Who is your favorite performer of all time? I have no idea. Of all time? I only seem to stay with an artist for a short amount of time, and then I move on to the next. I have some that repeat, but I don't think I could pinpoint to a favorite of all time.
  5. What is your favorite style of music for worship? I like all kinds of music for worship. Contemporary, all kinds of hymns. I think it what makes it my favorite is that it is well done, not the genre.



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