Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Large is God?

How large is my God?

Large enough
So that I went to a church
To fly "solo"
for the very first time,
not long after I began this new journey,
I could feel Him in a new place.
In a sanctuary where I had never been before,
among people I didn't know,
My God was there.
Everything would be OK.

How large is our God?

Large enough
So that when I travel to the Annual Meeting
of our church,
the faith in our God is there.
Among the many.
Among the church.
Among those who come from hours away,
believe very differently than I do,
but still belong to our God.

How large is God?

Large enough
So that when a choir from halfway across the world
comes to a church in a place that they have probably
never heard of before,
they sing of God.
Their God is our God is my God.
People from the Valley of Hope
can bring God's spirit,
and find it among people
from Almost Heaven.

How large is God?
Larger than we can imagine.

Image: The Choir from Africa University singing last night at Christ United Methodist Church in Wheeling.

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Blogger bob said...

Big enough for me
Caring for all His children
Big enough for all

5:02 AM  

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