Monday, October 06, 2008

The Table

The table
Set for family
Gathered together
Small ones at the card table.
China, tablecloth, salad forks
Matching coffee cups and plates.
Too much food, but all delicious
Family gathered for a meal
Celebrating the birth of Christ.
Celebrating the gift of love.
Relatives from far away
Not enough time to say everything,
Missing those who are with us
Only in spirit.
The table is set for a celebration meal.

The table
Small, round, cramped.
The pleasing scent of ground coffee
Friends gathered together to just talk.
Coffee is an excuse for conversation.
Shared laughter, shared worries, shared life.
Fellowship of the heart.
Communion of the spirit.
Never enough time to say it all.
Always walking away in anticipation
Of the next time at the table.
The table is set for a fellowship meal.

The table
Covered in a white cloth.
Cross, bread, wine.
Elements consecrated by prayer
Confession. Forgiveness. Thanksgiving.
Do this in remembrance of me.
The body of Christ is broken.
The body of Christ is united.
The body of Christ is altered
At the table.
Time is limitless in the divine world.
We meet in a meal at the Lord’s invitation.
We meet in a meal in unison with the saints.
We walk away in service
Our spirits having met
The spirit of God at the table.
The table is set for a communion meal.

Image: Communion altar for World Communion Sunday

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