Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time Has Stopped

Time has stopped.
Birds may be flying in the air
Snow is drifting softly to the ground
As the wind whispers through the bare trees.
But time has stopped.

A hush has fallen over heaven
As the saints and the angels gather around the gates
To welcome one of their own.
God pulls him close
Holds him tight,
And says,
Welcome, son of mine.
Welcome home.

But here, in this broken world
We are left without him.
There is a hole in our hearts
And time has stopped.

We thank God for Jim.
For his gift of service to others.
For his song, for his way.
For his dance through this life
We thank God for Jim.
And we have no idea what we will do
Without him.

Time has stopped
Snow drifts softly to the ground
As God whispers through the trees
And our tears drop to the ground.
But time stands still.
Halted, stunned
By a world without Jim.



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Thanks for sharing. I posted a couple of thoughts here.

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