Thursday, January 17, 2008


I working on a Sunday school lesson for the end of the week which is centered on prayer. As the opening prayer for the session, I've taken some of my pictures and created a powerpoint presentation using Jennifer Knapp's version of the Lord's Prayer, Hallowed.

I rarely do this, but I've decided to tell the class that the images in the presentation are mine. I'm going to explain that a camera can be a tool in prayer. God's creation is all around us, and yet we walk on by, not paying any attention to it.

My camera allows me to capture the beauty and wisdom of God's grace in creation. There's nothing special about me or about my tiny digital camera, and yet our very special God points my lens at evidence of his love and creation.

Prayer, in some ways, is the same way. Around us is the Holy Spirit. He is always talking to us, always trying to guide us and to comfort us, and yet we ignore him.

Prayer is the pactice of trying to get close to God, andthe camera catches glimpses.

Image: High schol hll this morning



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