Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Steve told me that his men's group this morning talked about "words of encouragement." It started me thinking about encouragement and the words we use to communicate it.

What words speak of encouragement to you? What specific words lift you up? Words like terrific, wonderful, amazing, and great all bring to life affirming thoughts in my mind.

There are words, though, which I hear one way, and I imagine that the person who says them means in them in a different way. For instance, the word "nice" is usually spoken as a means for affirmation. I don't hear it that way, though. To me it speaks of mediocrity. Words like "kind," "good," and "fine" do the same thing. It's interesting to me that words spoken in encouragement are heard as discouragement in my mind.

When I am called a friend by some, it warms my heart. When other poeple say it, and I know that they are tossing it around, I hear their insincerity.

Communication is a strange and wonderful thing.


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