Monday, November 13, 2006

Be my Lord

Psalm 16

I have run to you, God,
Seeking your presence,
Your protection,
Your shelter in the tribulations of life.
I say to you, “Be my Lord.”
Without you, all is nothing.
Nothing makes sense.
I am lost without you.

I stand amazed,
In the presence of the friends
You have sent my way.
Surrounded by them.
In them I find joy.
In them I find grace.

So other many gods stand ready
Tempting me to give them loyalty.
You are the Only.
The One.
You are I AM.

I choose you,
And in choosing you,
I find the extraordinary.
I find that you have chosen me.
I find that I am a child of God.

I am stunned to turn and to find
That you walk with me.
That you call to me.
That you gently nudge me along the way.
When I am awake,
When I am asleep,
You are there.
And shall always be there.
I take hold of your hem,
And shall never let go.

My heart is beating with joy.
My soul is laughing.
I am made whole,
From the inside to the outside.
You have rescued me.

You have shown me the path
Which leads to you,
You have lit the way
By the radiance of your face,
You have taken my hand,
And with your leading, I can walk on the Way


Anonymous Mom said...

You always amaze me with your talents and creative thoughts! If I handed you a light bulb, you could probably write a five paragraph essay at the drop of the hat---the bulbs would probably preach a lovely sermon on spreading the light to all! You do me proud!

5:28 PM  

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