Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What did we notice?

At class tonight, we looked at several different scriptures and then discussed a word or phrase that would describe the emotions or personality characteristics Jesus displays.

Matthew 27:46 -- desperate, human, fear, quotes scripture, disappointed, abandoned, "Where were the 5000?" pained, expresses pain

Mark 1:40-41 -- compassion, cares for individuals, sensitive, healer, those being healed must ask for help out of faith, loving, fearless (brave), accepting, reactive (immediate response), available

Mark 3:1-5 -- defiant, non-traditional, radical, confrontational, good questions, fearless, smart, thinker

Mark 6:30-31 -- humanity, needed rest, tired, mothering, protective of friends, loves friends, leader, need for solitude, need for renewal

Mark 6:35 -- concerned, tenacious, compassionate, tenaciously compassionate, purposeful, responsibility taker, teacher, parental, extrovert, perceptive, shepherd

Mark 14:34-36 -- humanness, helplessness, child, range of emotions, fear, obedience, willing to be compliant with God, acceptance of difficult task, humility, doesn't want to be alone, need for companionship

Luke 10:21 -- happy, excited, smug

Luke 19:41-44 -- sorrowful, angry, regretful, rueful, honest, blunt

Luke 23:34 -- unbelievable compassion, forgiving, generosity, pain

Luke 23:43 -- fulfillment, prophetic reassuring, decisive, gracious on the cross, unselfish,

Luke 23:46 -- trusting, resignation, relief, hopeful, child-like faith

I thought that there were some interesting responses -- words that I hadn't thought of.

And do you know what this is? This is post #400.



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