Monday, May 13, 2019

Open My Heart

Inspired by Psalm 96:1-6

Open my heart.
sing a new song of praise.
To sing a new song, 
or remember an old song.
To sing a song of praise to the Lord.

Open my mouth to sing a song
To declare God's presence in the world.
To remember for everyone 
God's saving love for God's beloved.
For all.
For every day.

Open my life
so that the work I do may be acts of praise
that declare God's love to the world.
That help others to see
God's marvelous acts in our world
For them.

For great is the Lord
and greatly to be praised.

I forget.
I close my eyes to God,
and see instead what is not God
What is not important.
What distracts me from God.

But God made the heavens
And created the world around me.
Honor and majesty surround God.
Surround me, when I am in God's presence.
Strength and beauty are in God's sanctuary.

Open my heart.
Open my mind
Open my mouth
to declare the majesty of the Lord.

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