Monday, May 06, 2019

Woman of Valor

I was so saddened to hear of the death of Rachel Held Evans (RHE).  I've read three of her four books, and watched on twitter as she stood up for those who are oppressed, forgotten, hurting.  I was inspired by her, and learned from her. I will miss her voice, but so will the world.  

One of the phrases I remember from the book, A year of Biblical Womanhood was "woman of valor." It answered my concerns about Proverbs 31, and I still remember and am blessed by her explanation.  Many today are calling her a "woman of valor." And I agree.

This week my posts will focus on RHE.  I will bring back some of the writing I did earlier, but today is new.

Below is where my mind was wondering as I thought about the phrase woman of valor.  These are four sketches of four woman. One of them is RHE.  I hope you see yourself in some of this, because, you, too, are a woman of valor.

She works hard during the day,
answering questions,
typing reports,
bringing together those who disagree.
On the way home,
she stops at the field
to pick up her son from practice.
She grabs carrots, cereal, and milk,
and then, with the help of all,
fixes dinner.
Homework, dishes, baths, 
all a coordinated effort.

She is a woman of valor.

She sits by the side of her elderly husband,
holds his hands.
She tells him stories of their lives together,
stories he doesn't remember.
She is alone in the memories,
but sits with him,
so that he is not alone.
She cries, she hurts, she loves.
She misses him already.

She is a woman of valor.

She married, had two babies
She wrote four books,
Questioning, living, searching, inspiring.
She blogged. She tweeted. She taught.
She stood up for the oppressed,
escaped the church that she loved and couldn't support,
led others to freedom.
She invited everyone to the table,
sharing faith.  Pointing to God.
She died too soon.

She was a woman of valor.

She served others all her life.
Preaching the word of God.
Teaching forgiveness and grace.
She hardends herself against the arrows of prejudice.
She welcomes the homeless, and loves the grouchy.
She feeds people bread and juice, soup and peanut butter sandwiches.
People call her "woman preacher" on a good day.
"Sinner" on the worst days.
But she has a call, and she told God "yes."

She is a woman of valor.

Whether you work with wool or flax,
bring food from afar,
buy fields or stay up late at night.
Listen to others sing of your valor.
Whether you are a soccer mom, or a single woman,
a woman is is never alone, or one who is lonely, or both.
share your gifts
speak your mind
stand up for those who are hurting.
You are worthy.
You are a beloved child of God.
You are a woman of valor.
Hear us sing about you.

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Blogger birdwatcher said...

Thank you for these words as I accept that I, too, am a Woman of Valor.

9:46 AM  

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