Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Anxiety into Hope

 When I watched this, what impressed me the most at first was that Nadia took the scripture that we might not think has much to do with us - who was Caesar and who was the ruler in Jerusalem at the time Jesus was born - and developed it in a way that helped me to see how the people who read it would experienced it, and how that experience can form my own thoughts today.

 When we read it on the surface, we might not notice that part of the scripture at all. But the idea that there are forces in the world against which we feel powerless is very relevant today. And the idea that Christ can overpower all of that is incredible hopeful.

 Where is anxiety in your life? Can you turn it into hope? I pray that it is so.

 Second lesson in this is that the Bible offers us so much more than what is on the surface. The literally true fact is who was ruling at time. The truth is so much more. We should remember that, and apply it to our study, shouldn't we?

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