Monday, February 25, 2019

What prevents you from worshiping?

In Sunday school today, the teacher asked us, "What impedes your worship in the Sanctuary?"  The question was met with crickets.  No one really had an answer.  

I've heard various answers before from others.  Some of them included:
  • Applause prevents me from worshiping (Oh, please, don't get me started - applaud.  It's worship.  Anyway, moving on...)
  • ___________ kind of music.  Fill in the blank here.  It can be anything from contemporary, to classic, to organ.  
  • Today in class, someone said "the absence of children" which I thought was a cool answer. I've heard the opposite, though - that the noise of children prevents some people from worshiping.
  • Long sermons.  Short sermons.  Sermons that are read from a manuscript. (Truthfully, none of these matter if the sermon is good, to me).
How would you answer? What prevents you from worshiping?

As I thought about the question, ironically, during worship, the answer that was the most honest (to me) came to me.  I prevent myself from worshiping.  I fail to focus, I fail to silence the distractions in my mind.  I fail to worship because I can be my own biggest obstacle.



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