Thursday, February 21, 2019

Prayer for Next Week

On a walk through the woods at Snowshoe last year, I saw this tree.  It had been an obstacle - one that without intervention, would have prevented Steve and me from continuing down the path.

If I had been walking on the path before the fallen tree had been cut, I could not have imagined a way to clear the path myself.  I might have climbed over the tree, or turned around, but I couldn't have removed the tree on my own.

Next Monday, our church is meeting together in General Conference.  Please pray.

Creating God, loving God, sustaining God,
with boldness and humility
we come together as your Church,
or at least in the broken image
of your Church,
and we ask for your help.

Open our minds,
Open our hearts,
Open our doors.
Revive our imagination.
Help us to see your presence
in the work that will be done.
That has been done.
That is being done.

I pray, loving God,
that you will help those gathered
and those of us not with them,
to see a way to
be your Church.
United in Christ.
With arms open to reach all of us.
Every one of your children.
As you do.

Be in the room with the delegates.
Close their mouths, open their minds.
Shut away their fears, and recreate their hearts.
Increase their kindness, and decrease their stubborness.
Stengthen each of them for the work you have called them to do.
Not the work they have picked up,
but the mission of your Church.
Clear their hands of what they bring,
and make way for what you give.

May they all be changed.
And may your church be changed.
To be your Church.

Be here with us,
those of us not present.
Bring us the same gifts
that you provide the delegates.
Receate in all of us
the hearts we need
to move forward in your Will.

I let it go,
and place it your care,
where it belongs.
Trusting you,
that you are at work,
as I know you are.
And that your way,
is the Way.

I pray in your son's name,
and ask for his presence in their work
next week.

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