Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Acts 8: Faith Story

One more post about the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch...

As Mike taught this lesson in Sunday school, he asked, "Do you wonder what Philip said to the Ethiopian that convinced him, right that moment, to be baptized?"

What was the faith story that Philip told? Do you have a faith story? Do you know what it is? Will you share it?

What would you say to someone who asked, "Why should I go to church? Why do you go to Church?"

We need to know our answer. In order to convince someone, the answer can't be that you see your friends at church. It can't be that there are donuts there every Sunday. If going to church and going to a meeting of my sorority offer me the same thing, then why would I go to Church?

Why do you believe in God? What difference does it make in your life? What difference does God make in your life? 

Maybe we need to tell people that when we serve others through the Church, we find grace and fulfillment. Maybe we need to tell people that at Church, we are able to connect with other Christians in a way that helps us to see God better. If those statements aren't true, maybe we need to invite God to make them true in our lives.

What is your faith story? What would you tell the Ethiopian that would convince him to offer his life to God?

And, as a sidenote, how was the Ethiopian reading Isaiah, anyway? He didn't have a Bible (or a kindle). Imagine reading from scrolls in a chariot.

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