Monday, April 03, 2017

I Stand

Inspired by Psalm 148

I stand, and watch God's creation,
as the heavens praise,
as the earth sings it alleluia.

I listen,
as the goodness of God is declared
by the shining of the sun,
by the glowing of the moon,
by the twinkle of the stars.

I watch,
as the wonder of God is praised
by the water-dancing of the sea creatures,
by the crackling of the fire,
by the plinking of the hail on the roof.

I stand,
as the beauty of God is sung
by the soundless falling of snow,
by the screaming of the wild wind,
by the thundering of the storm.

I am silent
as the awesome nature of God is shouted
by the rising of the mountains,
by the budding of the fruit trees,
by the swaying of the trees.

I laugh
as the praise of God is spoken
by the mooing of the cows,
by the creeping of the snakes,
by the sweeping of the birds.

I wonder
Is it possible for me to praise my creator,
not only with words of my mouth,
not only with the song of my heart,
but also with the very nature of my being.

Let the name of the Lord be praised
By all of God's creation,

including me.

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