Friday, February 03, 2017

Logos: Psalm 32:1-5

Inspired by Psalm 32:1-5

I wondered
what it would be like,
to be forgiven.
To have this weight of sin
What would it be like?

I saw those who walked in joy,
free from guilt.
Their sins covered.
Not hidden,
but removed.
I saw them, 
and I wondered.
What would it be like?

Is it possible,
I wondered,
that God would 
offer such great mercy?
That sin,
even my sin,
could be forgiven?
It is possible,
I wondered.
I yearned.

Those who had found such joy
Surely their joy sprang
from honesty?
From a clean heart and spirit?
I kept my silence
Certain that this could not be 
granted to me.
And my spirit withered.
My heart shrank.
Guilt ate away at me.
I yearned, and I died inside.

One day, my sin
was so heavy,
so crushing,
that I knew I must seek God.
I knew I must speak to God.
I knew I must turn to God.
So, finally, in my yearning,
I told God of my sin.

God became my refuge.
My strength.
My sanctuary.
God indeed has more mercy
than I had sin.
God gave me the grace
of forgiveness.
And God lifted the guilt.

My heart is clean.
My spirit rises.
I am alive.
I am forgiven.

I rest in the grace of God.

(Note: I will be taking a short blog break for part of next week, and will return on March 9)

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