Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Notes about Worship

I attended a Diversity Summit a few weeks ago. The last session was a panel of people discussing worship. These are my notes, not organized in any particular way, but still containing some good thoughts from the discussion:

  • Why consider inter-cultural worship? We are preparing for the church that we want to be. (isn't that true in so many ways?)
  • When we pray, we pray with the whole world in mind.
  • Worship should represent the voice of the people who are there.
  • The worship leader should be listening to the worshipers in order to represent them genuinely and authentically.
  • Worship should make us feel a tad uncomfortable - examining how it is with our souls - movements of the mystery of God.
  • Diversity in worship can make it fresh and revitalize the worship experience.
  • Music is a divine gift that can make the Word more beautiful and break down barriers.
  • Liturgy needs to be brought into the language of 20 year olds - use words we understand.
  • Worship is always contextual.
  • If it is not transformational, then it is a waste of time.
  • There is a fluidity - a flow - to worship. Go with the flow. Don't be afraid to adapt plans to the flow.
  • Have a deep commitment to intentionality and thoughtfulness - it seems to be the opposite of laziness
  • Have courage to take ownership of the leadership position.
  • Minor keys allow the heart to cry.
  • In times of crisis, stand in it with your people.  Your actions don't have to be perfect - just be in the midst of it with them.

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