Friday, October 21, 2016

Logos Psalm 84:1-7

God, o my God,
Words fail me
Lovely seems too bland a word
to describe where you are
where you live.
Lovely seems too anemic
to explain how the world changes
when you enter it.
But where you live is lovely.

My heart beats
my soul longs
to be where you are, 
God, o my God.
All that is within me
All that is of me
Sings for joy
to know that you are near.

We, your creations,
find a home in you.
The sparrow, the swallow, 
prepare nests in your presence,
and we trust you with our children.
God, o my God.
My king.

Happy are those who come near you.
Happy are those who sing your praise.
Happy are those who find strength in you.
Happy are those who set their hearts on your path.

Tears come our way,
and we walk through the valley of shadows.
You are with us.
The way may be difficult,
but you open a path for us.

Coming to you, we find strength
And we know that 
God will be seen.
God, o my God,
Zion is near.

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