Wednesday, September 07, 2016


I had breakfast this morning in a restaurant, instead of at home. It's always a nice time to read or to work on whatever needs attention - this morning I was reading to prepare for a Sunday school lesson I am teaching.

My table was close to the kitchen and the whole time I was eating breakfast, the wait staff was complaining about the work they were to do. I realize everyone has issues with their work sometimes; I'm mentioning this because their problems were so obviously discussed in the presence of customers.

It reminds me of a comment Rev. Barry Steiner Ball made at Annual Conference this year. He asked those present to stop complaining about their churches at restaurants after church (or other times). He told us how obvious it is to those who surround us in public places.

How often are our complaints heard by those around us? What does that do to our ability to serve them as Christians?



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