Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Have you been watching the Olympics? We've seen some of the highlights. The athletes are incredible, aren't they? I could watch the majesty of Michael Phelps swimming over and over. When I saw Simone Biles' floor exercise, I gasped out loud. It was as if she flew. And the runner who stopped and helped a fellow athelete who had fallen? Unbelievable.

You know that they don't get to this level of skill overnight, right? What incredible perseverence they must have! An interesting fact I learned during these three weeks: Michael Phelps has been to four Olympics, but at the first one, he did not win a single medal. Think of that. Today, he can say he has more medals than any other Olympians - 28 at last count - but after that Olympics? None.

Did he quit? You know the answer to that question. No, he did not. It is a lesson for all of us.

I saw this video today, and I share it with you. Rise.



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