Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Open Wider

Do you think the post office realizes how uninviting this is? I know they are trying to direct traffic, but I was struck by how many "Do not come this way" signs are posted at this entrance.

Do you think we realize in church how many "Do not come this way" signs we have? They may not be actual paper signs, but they are still there.  

As part of my job, I visit churches across the Annual Conference. At one of them, there was a sign posted on a door - a door that was partway open.  The sign said, "Please keep this door open, just a little bit." I loved the sign. It was so polite and positive. Probably not coincidentally, there was a community dinner going on, and the Fellowship Hall was full of people.

How can we open our doors more? How can we make sure that the signs in our church - whether paper or not - are welcoming?



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