Friday, August 05, 2016

Open Eyes - Still

I was walking through downtown Charleston during May, and I saw a bookcase out on the street (for those who know Charleston, it was outside of Taylor Books). For some reason, I stopped and snapped a picture with my iPhone. As I thought about that, I remembered that years ago, I would carry my camera around, and use it for a lens to look for God - to open my eyes to God's presence.

In May, I realized that I hadn't been doing that. So, I went onto my Facebook account, and posted that I was going to do a Month of Images: to open my eyes.  I did it, posting images every day for a month.

I did remind me to look around, and I'm still doing it, even though I don't post an image on Facebook every day - just every so often.

What discipline do you use to open your eyes to God?

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