Friday, August 15, 2014

Jesus in it all

I am not a person who believes that God micro-manipulates every aspect of our lives, and I don't believe that everything happens for a reason.  Some things just happen, and it can be awful and terrible or wonderful.

Very often, people make things happen, and sometimes people make horrible things happen.  It seems very unfair (and dishonest) to place the causality on God.

And sometimes a tornado strikes or a flower blooms - and it's random.  We want to have a cause, but often there is no cause, and it is very often not part of God's plan.

Watching this video reminded me that in the randomness of life, we often see God.  Just because I believe that God doesn't cause horrible things to happen to us, it doesn't mean that I would ever deny that God is in the midst of all that happens to us and around us.  In these times, when life is turned upside down, we can often see God.




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