Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Echo Chamber

The other day I heard the phrase, "living in their own echo chamber."  I quickly typed it into Evernote to remember it.  The person who said it was referring to the idea that we surround ourselves with people who agree with us, so that our thoughts and opinions are echoed back to us.  Our focus becomes narrow because we never hear any opposing thoughts.

Do you ever experience this?  Do I?  Do we only listen to the news station that shares our political beliefs?  Do we only read books we agree with?  Do we isolate ourselves among those who believe the same way we do?  Do we ever speak with people whose age is different from ours, whose experience is different than ours?  Do we closely listen to the thoughts of our children?

And when we are outside of our echo chambers, do we only listen to other people with an ear to arguing with them?  Do we only strive to point out where "they are wrong?"

Are our hearts and minds open enough to hear opinions that stretch us?  Do we ever have the opportunity to hear such an opinion?



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