Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Giving away 6 $100 bills -sermon title - why are we surprised when people believe what we say?  Do we expect them to?

The office where I work is located in a church building.  Last week, the sermon title at this church was "Giving away six $100 bills."  Each week, the sermon title is posted on a board outside the church.  On Thursday evening, while the organist was practicing in the Sanctuary, a man walked in off the street.  "Is the sign true?  Are you giving away $100 bills?"

What would happen if the people around us believed that what we are saying is true?  What if someone walked in and said, "Is it true?  God loves me and you love me?  I am saved?  I am gifted?  I am called to minister to those around me?  Is it true that I am welcome here?  Is it true that I am a part of the church?"

Do we believe it?  Do we expect other people to believe it?  Don't we believe that what God offers is more valuable that $100 bills?  Can we be as convincing as a sign on the street?

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