Monday, June 02, 2014

Know, Share, Retire - Part 5

And then, do the hardest part.  It's what Dr. Jones called "retire."  Back away, and let God do what God will do.  As I shared at the beginning of this sermon, my faith is a gift from God.  There were people involved in preparing me for what God would do in my life on my Walk to Emmaus, there were people who invited me to attend the Walk, and there have been those who have walked with me since that time, but none of them have gotten between what God was doing in my life and me.  They retired, and trusted God's grace.  It would have been hard for me to hear God if someone had been sitting there with me the entire time insisting on telling me how great God is!

We must allow God to do for someone else what he is still doing for us - change us, transform us, recreate us.  This is the good news - that God exists, that he loves each of us, and that he is already at work in our lives.

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